27th Helen Hayes Awards Ovation Gala

Maryland Theatre Guide video featuring Joel Markowitz interviewing partygoers at the 27th Helen Hayes Awards Ovation Gala. Interviews include Susan Berlin, Steve Rosenthal, Debbie Jackson, Colin K. Bills, Reggie Ray, Gary Tischler, Michael Bobbitt, Susan and Jay Finkelstein, Cody Williams, June and Bill Schreiner, and Noah Chiet. At the end of the video is a short montage from the award ceremony. Video Produced, Shot, and Edited by Mark Beachy.

About Mark Beachy

Mark Beachy is the publisher and video producer of the MD Theatre Guide and the NY Theatre Guide.

In 1997 he wrote the play, music, and lyrics in a musical called, “’Bout Baltimore.” This musical won the WMAR TV Channel 2 and Pumpkin Theatre Baltimore Bicentennial Playwriting contest and was produced as a 1-hour television special.

He has directed over 40 productions, including shows for Pumpkin Theatre, Timonium Dinner Theatre, Howard County Center for the Arts, and the Baltimore Children's Theatre where he was the founder and producer for 7 years.

Before starting the MTG in March of 2010, Mark was the performing arts reporter for the Baltimore Examiner.

As a professional actor he has appeared on TV nationally, including on Discovery Health as "Jerry Baldwin" on I Was Dead, “Officer Nunham” on America’s Most Wanted’s Top Cops 2009 and “Alexander T. Crane” in a Japanese TV documentary about Edgar Allan Poe.