Fringe Review: Good Girls Don’t, But Indian Girls Do

I have never so badly wanted to go up to a performer and hug them after their show until I saw Vijai Nathan in her stand-up comedy act, Good Girls Don’t, But Indian Girls Do. Magnetic and engaging from the start, Vijai talks about the differences between being born an Indian and growing up in American culture. She takes us through some hard memories, from being bullied in her childhood to a failed engagement, but somehow, she makes it all undeniably, hilariously entertaining. For example, while speaking of growing up in an all-white school, she laments on how she desperately wanted to be the tooth fairy in a school production, but ended up being cast as…tooth decay.

With complete rapt attention from the audience, Vijai charms
us all while turning her past painful memories into her own goldmine. Finding love and balance between her two cultures is what this act is about, and she makes us nearly fall out of our seats laughing as she takes us through this journey. An absolute Must-See!

Running time: 60 minutes

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