Fringe Review: Hello, Hedgehogs! A Storytelling Show

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… No, it’s Ellie Shinham and her hedgehogs Felicity and Pinkie Moon. Holy cow, I mean — holy hedgehogs! Greetings – critters of the Quill.To be honest, this is the second time I’ve visited the Mountain to see Hello, Hedgehogs... The first time, Ellie had car trouble and the show was cancelled. Hmm. That’s what you get – letting a pair of hedgehogs chauffeur you around town. If you ask me, there should be a law against it. But, Shhh!, don’t tell anybody how I feel. Ellie may sic’ the Quill Squad on me – them with their 6,000 quills.

Anyway, all kidding aside, as I hedge along, today is the last performance of Hello, Hedgehogs… at the Mountain. I am elated that I had the opportunity to finally see Ellie Shinham, and her snout-nosed, prickly adorable, African girlfriends… Felicity and Pinkie Moon. Ellie is a charming storyteller, an actress with character range, and a singer with a lovely, sweet voice. USA, LLC

Hello, Hedgehogs… included the telling of two stories – a transforming love story about Hedgie Boy; and a story about a squirrel, a crow, and an apple hungry hedgehog. The show also featured a hedgehog ‘show-in-tell,’ and gee gosh, I even had a chance to pet Felicity. I also had the opportunity to see hedgehogs poop, pee, and do a little ‘tubing,’ dude. Actually, tubing is when hedgehogs stick their head in a toilet paper roll (or something like it) and prance around. They just love to tube, man! Just get out of their way. You might get run over. I told you, hedgehogs shouldn’t drive!

I highly recommend, Hello, Hedgehogs... I’m not sure I want a hedgehog as a pet, I am a dog person, you see. However, I did learn a lot about Hedgehogs — a spiny mammal that has changed very little over 15 million years.

Running Time: 60 minutes

Hello, Hedgehogs! A Storytelling Show information and tickets.

Regarding my five stars rating: three stars for Ellie and one star each for Felicity and Pinkie Moon!