Fringe Review: life, love, sex, death…and other works in progress (a multi-chakra extravaganza)

I knew I was in for a fun time when I was greeted by the overly-friendly Stevie Jay who offered me a piece of gum, a hug, and this greeting:”You have to dive in b***h!” For the next 65 minutes everyone in The Shop (except one guy who was having a discussion on his phone with his girlfriend – who got up and left) had a great time – snapping their fingers, swaying to the music, and practicing their chakras. How lucky were we that our host was a lovable, funny, endearing, sincere, and a wild-and-crazy and endearing kinda guy.

I’m not going to give away all the jokes and stories that make up this heart-warming and humorous hour, but there are great tales about life, love, relationships, working out, sex, and death that everyone can relate to and laugh about. Come on people – just look at the title and you’ll see what you are in for!

‘Someone asked me if I was emotionally disturbed. DUH!”

Stevie’s sincerity and honesty and humor and over-abundance of energy makes this a delicious hour filled with poignant and zany tales and that zoomed by so fast- that I was almost late for my next show. Stevie Jay is a storyteller and jokester extraordinaire.

In the beginning of the show – Stevie asked the audience to shower him with ‘good vibrations’. Seven hours later – as I’m writing this review – I’m still filled with those good vibrations.