Fringe Review: Twisted: Greeting Card Moments Gone Bad!

I first knew I’d like this show when I was handed the program. Tom Tiding, performer of Twisted: Greeting Card Moments Gone Bad! transformed his Playbills into effective fans, using thick paper and sticks. Temperatures usually rise at the Fringe, and this clever and kind invention was a relief to many while we stood in the heat, waiting to be let into the loud, boisterous tent. While we waited for Tom, my hopes were heightened as I overheard a woman say, “I’m still excited, even though I’ve seen this twice already!”

And he did not disappoint. Hilarious and inviting, Tom talks about moments in his life that, while related to topics such as friendship and love, do not fit in a standard greeting card. He shares hard realities of his past in a lighthearted way; for example, he refers to a coke binge that his sister went on as “worthy of Charlie Sheen.” The notion of coming back from hardships and, in turn, making them work in his favor is an admirable quality of Tom’s act. He shows that real “Hallmark” moments are too unique to stick in a mass-produced card. Talking about how his mother once took a baby from a couple when she saw that they were beating and starving it, Tom asks where the card is that says, “Congratulations on stealing a baby from a truck stop!”

These and other anecdotes produce an uproarious and touching performance. This act is a true work of art, and should not be missed on your Fringe visit.

Running time: 55 minutes

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