‘A Quick 5′ With Joshua Morgan

Joshua Morgan is the Co-Artistic Director of No Rules Theatre Company, which is now in it’s third season. NRTC is unique because it splits its season between Winston-Salem, NC and DC. They have just completed Stop Kiss where Holly Twyford made her directorial debut. His acting credits include The Chosen for Theater J at Arena Stage, and is currently appearing in Woolly Mammoth’s A Bright New Boise. I think you will agree Joshua is a Wunderkind that DC theatre should be happy to have in its presence.

Joshua Morgan

How did you come to be a part of the DC theatre community?

June of 2009, NRTC produced a one off of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Warehouse that I directed. I remember being pretty emotional opening night because people were pouring in the doors to see our show not knowing who we were at all. It was such a sign that DC was willing to welcome/embrace new artists. We ended up selling out the run and when Brian and I were looking for where we were going to make our creative home, we decided to give DC a shot. We have been encouraged since we moved here in January of 2010, and I’m so grateful for that.

Which do you find the most rewarding –  being an actor, director or producer?

What I can say first and foremost is that my work as an actor, director and/or producer inform each other. I want to understand all sides to be able to bring my all to a story. They all excite me in different ways – because working in all three mediums allows me to be a part of a number of shows in various capacities that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to as an actor, director or producer.

Do you find your No Rules audiences different in NC than in DC?

Absolutely. Each city has had a different experience with what’s been presented which allows/forces us to be very specific with our programming. However, people often make assumptions about North Carolina audiences vs. DC audiences and they just aren’t so. North Carolina is on the cusp of some very exciting things artistically the same way DC is. They both have a real hunger for challenges.

Is there one show you are just dying to produce with NRTC that you have not produced so far?

There are so many shows that Brian and I are excited about tackling that we haven’t had the opportunity to just yet. This is in large part because we just finished up the first show of our third season (Stop Kiss). We have a long list of pieces that we’ve already begun to work on for future seasons. At this point, we’re looking at pieces that are manageable based on our resources.

Is there a role you want to perform that no one else sees you in? Why do you think you that you may be right for this role?

Joshua Morgan as Danny Saunders in 'The Chosen.' Photo by Stan Barouh.

Hmm… that’s interesting. I always think I’m right for roles that other people don’t necessarily see me in. However, the exact opposite is true as well. I often think that I’m completely wrong for a show that I book. We can be limiting as artists because we think we’re good at one thing – but all of what we do is so subjective – that I’m not as much of a fan of categorizing/typing actors. Some roles I hope to do are Molina in Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Iago in Othello, Edgar in King Lear, James in Children of a Lesser God, Leo Frank in Parade, LeFou in Beauty and the Beast (seriously), and the list goes on…
Here’s No Rules Theatre Company’s 2011-2012 season.

Joshua is named one of the Favorite Performance in a Play on MD Theatre Guide for his performance as Danny Saunders in The Chosen.