Seussical, JR. at Musical Theater Center

Oh the things you will think when this play you come see— all wonderful things I promise, just take it from me. You’ll see wonders and amazement and I swear that’s the truth— from this amazing talented cast of acting youth.

Ethan Millstone (Cat in the Hat) with Annie Coulson (Gertrude), Ethan Miller (Horton), and Teresa Oliverio (Mayzie). Photo by Bill Forehand.

The Musical Theater Center presents Seussical Jr. a magical journey into the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss. From the very moment you see the set you feel your imagination sparking to life. Set Designer Bill Pressly peels the images of the iconic Seuss scenery right from the books and transports them onto the stage. This creative effort is joined by prop designers Theresa Mezebish and Sarah MacPhee with their wonderful amazing Papier-mâché fish in many colors complete with feathered fins and crepe paper streamer tails.

But the eye-popping magic doesn’t stop there. Costume designers Kathie Rogers and Carol DeGraba bring you the finest in Seuss Character Wear! All the whos are outfitted in various shades of yellow, accented with green; and the tails on Mayzie and Gertrude are like nothing you’ve ever seen! There are feathers and fuzzy fabric and colors galore! Every shade of the rainbow— plus maybe one more. These costumes are imaginative, vibrant, and bright; they complete the show and make quite a sight!

But there’s more I tell you! Much more to enjoy – a talented cast filled with young girls and boys. There’s Horton (Ethan Miller), you see, an elephant who’s gray, and when young Mr. Miller sings his voice will brighten your day. And you’ll find quite the talent in Gertrude McFuzz (Annie Coulson) as this young actor performs as she does. Coulson wiggles and jiggles, she jumps all over the place and when she sings pretty there’s a great big smile on her face.

You’re in for a real treat with the strength of the chorus, with powerful voices I assure they won’t bore us! And keep your eye out for a pair of actors; yes two! That would be Baby (Aliza Gottlieb) and Sour Kangaroo (Meghan Wright.) These girls have the attitude, the style and pizzazz! And they sing with fierce soul, great expressions and snazz. And Mayzie (Teresa Oliverio) dear Mayzie, just what can I say? When she steps on the stage she will brighten your day. Oliverio belts out her numbers with feeling and style, sashaying her big tail and making everyone smile.

And the best, I admit, I have saved for the last, the two total scene stealers in this amazing cast. There is Jo-Jo (Eli Schulman) who’s the son of the Mayor (Sam Nasar.) And he has an expression filled voice and bright orange hair! Schulman radiates youthful innocent surprise during his scene in the bathtub with his huge glowing eyes. His voice is so sweet and mellow and pure, he’s a character that the whole audience adores. And what would a play about Seuss be but flat if I didn’t dare mention The Cat in the Hat (Ethan Millstone.) Mr. Millstone is quirky and with energy a plenty he does enough dancing for himself times twenty! And when he takes to the piano with humor and ease, you’ll find each funny moment truly does please. With a voice so clear and eyes so bright, Mr. Millstone is truly the star of the night!

So hurry, my friends, don’t dare wait too long, for this wonderful show that is bursting with songs. You won’t find a better time at a musical unless you imagine a way to come and see Seussical (Jr.)

Running Time: 75 minutes no intermission.

Seussical JR. is playing three more performances on Sunday January 29, 2012 at 1, 4, and 7:30 p.m. at the Randolph Road Theatre – 4010 Randolph Road, in Silver Spring, MD. For tickets please call (301) 251-5766.