Music and Dance Review: Rain- A Tribute to The Beatles at Wolf Trap

The cast of RAIN -A Tribute to the Beatles. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

If you were asked what were some of the most influential music groups of the last 50 years, The Beatles would definitely be at the top of the list. Their song discography is most likely one of the most eclectic in music history. Rain- A Tribute to The Beatles is a musical delight for the ears but does not fare as well on the eyes.

The four guys that make up Rain look and sound just like the Beatles. All of the harmonies, authentic instruments and costumes that you remember are in this show. My personnel favorites are the Sgt. Pepper replicas.

There is plenty of good music to listen to and the vocal stylings of the four guys make it a true treat on the ears.

Band members Steve Landes (John), Joey Curatolo (Paul), Joe Bithorn (George) and Ralph Castelli (Ringo) plus Chris Smallwood (Keyboards) start at the top of the Beatles song catalogue with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and progress all the way to the end with “Let It Be.” The musicianship and vocal prowess that the four guys have is something the original Beatles would be proud of.

Joey Curatolo and Steve Landes. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

Highlights included Landes’s rendition of “Strawberry Fields Forever” and Curatolo’s rendering of the acoustic classic “Yesterday.” The group rocked Wolf Trap with “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,”  “Twist and Shout,” and “I Saw Her Standing There.”

As the show progresses you see how times had changed through video montages projected on two big video screens on either side of the stage. The classic commercials including one of The Flintstones doing a cigarette commercial, shows you how different things were back in the 60’s. Video footage is also shown of Vietnam and how the change in culture reflected the Beatles Music.

I said this show is a musical delight for the ears and not for the eyes. I say this because I found the lighting to be something out of a Las Vegas floorshow. There are lots of cheesy studio lights and other effects that, as far as I’m concerned, take away from the show. By putting this kind of production behind the four performers I actually found it disrespectful to The Beatles since the lighting wasn’t authentic to the classy presentation that they would have performed.

Having said that, if you go to see Rain- A Tribute to The Beatles, you will have a good time. There is plenty of good music to listen to and the vocal stylings of the four guys make it a true treat on the ears.

Runnig Time: Two hours and ten minutes with one 20 minute intermission

Rain- A Tribute to The Beatles is finished at Wolf Trap, but plays today at the Pier Six Pavillion at 8 PM.  For tickets, order online.

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