Fringe Review: ‘HeHEE!’ or “What? It’s Not Glee?”

Cast of ‘HeHEE!’ or “‘What It’s not Glee?” Photo courtesy of The Comedy Academy.

Laughter is the best medicine and The Comedy Academy is giving audiences a much needed dose of nature’s most natural cure.

In a play written by Harry M. Bagdasian and Liam Brennan, HeHEE! or “What? It’s Not Glee?” centers around a group of high school “misfits” who are always in detention.  In a bold move, detention gets replaced with an experimental program.  For three days a week after school for twelve weeks, these students will have to participate in a Comedy Club.  At the end of the twelve weeks, they will be required to perform a comedy show to be presented to the entire school.

‘HeHEE!’ is a play tailor-made for this cast.

Principal Bryson Doyche (Austen Villemez) assigns shop teacher, Hyrum Snickers (Jeffrey Rosen) to lead the club.  “You’re a weak-kneed, gutless wonder and those kids are hard-core screw-ups,” says teacher, Tricia Fishman (Sara Mozersky) to Snickers who wants him and the students to fail.

The cast of HeHEE! Or “What? It’s not Glee?”

The band of troubled students includes a baseball jock named Billy “Sky” Deltsky (Conor Brennan), an actress who is always late to class, Shelly Michaels (Maura Russell), Byron Gallagher (Liam Brennan) who is a goth, and Crissy Lasky (Anne Chernikoff) who likes to write.  Completing the group is a transfer student from Burrows High, Lane Taylor (Miriam Finley), Terry Cradle (Erica Shortall) as the quiet geek, Albert Simpson (Jeffrey Hacker) who is a stoner, and finally Reese Allen (Peter Walderhaug) who can’t stop correcting people because “People say dumb things and I go into ‘I must educate them’ mode.”

HeHEE! is a play tailor-made for this cast.  Since the play revolves around the students rehearsing for a sketch comedy show, each cast member has a chance to shine.  The script also gives each young actor a well-defined character, making it easy to appreciate all of the hard work that they put into each of their performances.

Running Time: 75 Minutes.

Advisory: Recommended for kids ages 13 & up.

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