Fringe Review: ‘Mindset: A Surrealist Rock Opera’

The cast in the song “Booty Swing.” Photo by Shelly Han.

If I told you, “Hey, there is a musical that deals with the four stages of life and the choices you have to make as told through a therapy session,” you’d probably say, “Hey sounds interesting.” Now what if I said, “The show was written by a high school student.” You’d then most definitely say, “WHAAAATTTT!!” There is a very very talented kid named Jace Casey and he is the mastermind behind Mindset: A Surrealist Rock Opera.

All of these talented performers are triple threats.

Casey has written, directed, choreographed, and orchestrated his first masterwork and has done a great job in all departments. His music is scored for a 6 piece band (Piano, Synth, Guitar, Drums, Violin and Accordian). Did I mention he is also in the show? Now if this were an adult doing all of this, you’d say: “vanity production.” Because this is a high school student, however, it’s ok, as Casey’s ambition to be a theatrical impresario comes shining through.

The cast made up of all high school students bring Casey’s work to life in a big way. All of these talented performers are triple threats.

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It would be impossible to say one is better than the other because they all work together as a unit. As we champion young talent here at the Theatre Guide, I am going to pick out just a few of the many talents to give you a sample.

As the adult, Noah Harrington delivers his centerpiece number “Mad World” with power and great emotion. As the teenager, Jace Casey delivers a stellar performance both vocally and dramatically. Of The ladies, Caitlin O’Grady as The Lady in Green performs “Cosmic Love” with a merry band of sprites and does so quite endearingly. This is just a sampling of what you will see in the show.

If I have any advice to give Jace Casey (and believe me he is way more talented than I am), it would be that he needs to delegate responsibilities a little bit. Theatre is a collaborative art form and, while Casey is unquestionably a very ambitious kid with extraordinary talent, I’d hate to see him be construed as an egomaniac.

Mindset A Surrealist Rock Opera has a lot to say about ourselves and our life choices. Casey’s story and production are a definite must see and the talent is up there with the best of them. The show only has two more Saturdays, with two shows a day. If you see only one show this Capital Fringe, Mindset A Surrealist Rock Opera should be one you consider. It oozes with talent in all departments and DC might have its next great producer in the person of Jace Casey.

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