Fringe Review: ‘Stone Age Recreation: An Operetta’

(From left.) Rick Westerkamp, Ezree Mualem, and Mia Branco in rehearsal for ‘Stone Age Recreation.’ Photo by Elizabeth Ennis.

The Apron Theatre Company’s current production of Stone Age Recreation is a cross between watching a show at Synetic, The Flintstones, the story of Adam and Eve, and whatever happens when Philip Glass scores a show. Writers Ty Budde (book) and Craig Budde (Composer) take us on a wild ride and show us that nothing has changed in the last 5,000 years about how we handle our own evolution.

Roll this all together and you have a very entertaining production that again shows off the creativity of up and coming theatre companies in the DC area.

…a cross between watching a show at Synetic, The Flintstones, the story of Adam and Eve, and whatever happens when Philip Glass scores a show. USA, LLC

The ensemble is all around talented and to single anyone out would be a crime so here they are: Matthew Marcus, Zakk Eastman, Haely Jardes, Rick Westerkamp, Ezree Mualem, Mia Branco and Amanda Smith. To add to the enjoyment there is a five piece band under the direction of Andrew “A.J.” Welch (Piano) with Kevin Eikenberg (Marimba), Douglas Bell (Cello), Dennis Budde (Saxophone), and Craig Budde (Percussion ).

As this show is wall to wall music, the interesting instrumentation adds appropriate accompaniment without overpowering the action. I did find the actual singing in the show a bit uneven at times. The music is not easy, and pitch was an issue in a few spots. With the time constraints you have to put up a Fringe show, it is understandable and with more time to develop this piece this should not be an issue.

I also want to give a shout out to Elizabeth Ennis for her Flintstone caveman approach to the costumes. Nice touch!!

Stone Age Recreation: An Operetta is a fun way to spend an evening in the theatre. With its approach to the story, interesting musical scoring, and top notch cast it provides a good time for all.

Running Time: 55 Minutes.

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