MD Theatre Guide Reaches 2,000 Facebook Fans and is the #1 All Local Theatre News Page on Facebook

Our Website Readership is Growing

MD Theatre Guide is pleased to announce that we have reached 2,000 Facebook Fans!

In fact, MD Theatre Guide has the #1 all local theatre news page on Facebook! (MD/DC/Northern, VA area)

This past week (7/22-7/28), MD Theatre Guide reached 39,088 unique people who have seen any content associated with our Facebook Fan page! (And our numbers are often higher.)

Even though you don’t have to be a Facebook Fan to view the page, we encourage you to become a fan!  This will give you the benefit of seeing the articles as soon as they are posted on our website as well as other announcements.

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Thanks to each and every one of our Facebook Fans for all your support.  Also, thanks to all of our writers for continuing to deliver articles and reviews that are fair and balanced, thorough, and family friendly. Last, but not least, thank you to our advertisers who ultimately keep the website up and running.

NY Theatre Guide

As you may or may not know, publisher Mark Beachy recently purchased the NY Theatre Guide which will be launching soon.  If you are interested in keeping up to date with the shows in NY, please become a Facebook Fan of the NY Theatre Guide.

About MD Theatre Guide

The Maryland Theatre Guide is your ticket to theatre news in Maryland, DC, and Northern VA! MD Theatre Guide’s mission is to provide reviews and articles that are fair and honest, thorough, and family friendly. The “Theatre Guide” section lists theatres by city/county along with their website.  If you are in the theatre industry, then check out our “Auditions” page where we list auditions, classes, and opportunities.

About Mark Beachy

Mark Beachy is the publisher and video producer of the MD Theatre Guide and the NY Theatre Guide.

In 1997 he wrote the play, music, and lyrics in a musical called, “’Bout Baltimore.” This musical won the WMAR TV Channel 2 and Pumpkin Theatre Baltimore Bicentennial Playwriting contest and was produced as a 1-hour television special.

He has directed over 40 productions, including shows for Pumpkin Theatre, Timonium Dinner Theatre, Howard County Center for the Arts, and the Baltimore Children's Theatre where he was the founder and producer for 7 years.

Before starting the MTG in March of 2010, Mark was the performing arts reporter for the Baltimore Examiner.

As a professional actor he has appeared on TV nationally, including on Discovery Health as "Jerry Baldwin" on I Was Dead, “Officer Nunham” on America’s Most Wanted’s Top Cops 2009 and “Alexander T. Crane” in a Japanese TV documentary about Edgar Allan Poe.