Winners of the 31st Season Baltimore Playwrights Festival Awards Announced

Stacey Bonds, Elisabeth Jonas, Mark Scharf, and Sarah Eberhardt at the Vagabond Players. Photo courtesy of Stacey Bonds.

Each season a group of judges reviews and critques both the script and the production of each play that is produced at the BPF.  This seasons awards were announced on Sunday, September 23rd in a ceremony held at the Vagabond Players in Fells Point.

Awards are given to the three highest rated scripts, and the three highest rated productions. The judges’ written critiques are given to the playwright, director, and producer. The award for best script is named in honor of the late Carol Weinberg, a frequent contributing playwright and all-around supporter of the BPF.

The awards have just been handed out and the BPF is already planning for next season.  If you are an aspiring playwright you have until September 30, 2012 to submit a play for its 32nd Season.  Plays must be unproduced and playwrights must be domiciled (or at one time have lived) in Maryland or Washington D.C. Submission guidelines are provided on the BPF website.

READ all of our reviews from the BPF.

Congratulations to the winners of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival Awards for season 31!

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The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play

1st: ‘Following Sarah‘ by Rich Espey

Emily Sucher, Rachel Reckling, Katelin McMullin, Sarah Ford Gorman, and Grace Yeon in ‘Following Sarah.’ Photo by Ken Stanek.

2nd: ‘Passport‘ by Kevin Kostic

The cast of ‘Passport':Nancy (Claire Bowerman), Kioni (Ama Brown), Jeff (Mike Ware), and Louisa (Mahoghany Ayot Eerised). Photo by Robin Boyle.

3rd: ‘Hired Gun‘ by Mark Scharf

Jesse (Tucker Foltz), left, has little choice but to hear what Dewitt (Rodney Bonds) has to say. Photo by Robin Boyle.

Best Production

1st: ‘Following Sarah‘ at Fells Point Corner Theater

Mike Zemarel and Rachel Reckling. Photo by Ken Stanek.

2nd: ‘Hired Gun‘ at Theatrical Mining Company

Dewitt (Rodney Bonds) and his wife, Sherri (Sarah Eberhardt), talk as Jesse (Tucker Foltz) sits in the back. Photo by Robin Boyle.

3rd: ‘Passport‘ at Theatrical Mining Company

The cast of ‘Passport':Nancy (Claire Bowerman), Kioni (Ama Brown), Jeff (Mike Ware), and Louisa (Mahoghany Ayot Eerised). Photo by Robin Boyle.

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