About April Forrer

April Forrer has been a Maryland resident for over 15 years, having moved from Washington, DC after graduate school at the George Washington University. She began her writing career on Capitol Hill as a speech and legislation writer for two U.S. Representatives. She then started working with non-profits to enhance their media and development outreach. She now spends her professional time writing her first novel and designing and constructing costumes for theatrical productions. She savors her time spent with her three children, her dog and her husband.

Theatre Review: ‘Dani Girl’ at Unexpected Stage Company

Caroline Wolfson as Dani and Zach Brewster-Geisz as Marty (Photo provided by Unextected Stage).

Although Dani Girl is about a nine-year-old, this is not a play for children. Dani Girl touches on almost every subject that is scary and serious to adults – divorce, religion, cancer and the death of a child. The Unexpected Stage Company’s production of Dani Girl, written by Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond and directed […]

Theatre Review: ‘Legally Blonde: The Musical’ at Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre

Bridget Linsenmeyer as Elle Woods starring in 'Legally Blonde, The Musical.' (PHOTO CREDIT - Freyphotographics)

Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre presents Legally Blonde: The Musical, with music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, book by Heather Hach and directed by Robert W. Oppel. Cockpit in Court’s production of Legally Blonde is toe-tapping fun. Legally Blonde follows Delta Nu Sorority President Elle Woods through her college graduation to her fight to […]

Theatre Review: ‘Annie Jr.’ at Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre

Allison Naglieri as Annie. Photo by freyphotographic.

Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre, Royal Court Jesters Young People’s Theatre presents Annie Jr. Box office reports state that every show in the short run was sold out, and after seeing the show, I can understand why. Annie Jr. is just like the classic 1977 Broadway play Annie based on the 1924 Harold Gray comic […]

Theatre Review: ‘Carrie: The Musical’ at Studio 2nd Stage

Emily Zickler as Carrie. Photo by Igor Dmitry.

Studio 2nd Stage presents the reboot of Carrie: The Musical and open to a packed house.  Carrie: The Musical is based on the chilling novel by the famous horror writer Stephen King, with book by Lawrence D. Cohen, lyrics by Dean Pitchford, music by Michael Gore and directed Keith Alan Baker. King’s Carrie was published […]

Top 5 Shows of the Week


1. Stone Tape Party at Atlas Performing Arts Center. “Everything comes together inParty: fantastic writing, talented acting, great directing (Angela Pirko) and wonderful song choices.  Please don’t miss this one!” – April Forrer. READ review. Synopsis: Sex, drugs, jazz: y’know, the classic ghost story. In a house of misanthropes where the party never stops, Dusty has […]

Fringe Review: ‘The Tournament’ at Sprenger – Atlas Performing Arts Center

'The Tournament' press photo provided by Live Action Theatre.

Live Action Theatre in partnership with Preferred Arms presents The Tournament as part of the Capital Fringe Festival.  Written by Kyle Encinas and directed by Lex Davis, The Tournament claims to be a martial arts extravaganza where, “Spirits with be tested. Blood will be spilt. Asses. Will. Be. Kicked.” All of the above is true, and […]

Fringe Review: ‘Stone Tape Party’ at Atlas Performing Arts Center

Press photo for Stone Tape Party.

With a name like Stone Tape Party and a synopsis of, “Sex, drugs, jazz: y’know, the classic ghost story,” I think it is easy to question how good this Capital Fringe show is going to be.  Well, let me put your mind to rest and assure you all that this is an excellent show!  Everything […]

Fringe Review: ‘Séance’ at Lab II – Atlas Performing Arts Center

The Crimson Herring (Steve N. Bradford). Photo provided by Borealis Theatre.

Séance, Save MacGuffin’s! Featuring the World Famous Crimson Herring, presented by Borealis Theatre and directed by Steve N. Bradford, invites the audience into Madame Minerva MacGuffin’s Medicinal and Curio Shoppe on what could be its last day of operation.  The store must close due to lack of customers, so Madame MacGuffin and Wilhelmina Strix, the […]

Fringe Review: ‘Dracula. A Love Story’ at Mountain

Lee Ordeman as Dracula and Carolyn Kashner as Lucy (Photo: Teresa Wood)

Dracula, A Love Story by Tim Treanor and Directed by Christopher Henley and Jay Hardee is a modern retelling of the classic Bram Stoker novel of 1897, Dracula,. Treanor’s Dracula is “married” to a dying Mina, and when Lucy answers his employment ad for a caretaker for his wife, Dracula realizes that he has found […]

Fringe Review: ‘Intrigue, a mystery on marley…’ at Lang-Atlas Performing Arts Center

Jimmy Wencel in 'Intrigue, a mystery on marley...'.

A roll of thunder, a flash of lighting and a scream. Thus begins the passionate and imaginative Intrigue, a mystery on marley…, an original play performed entirely through dance, and a who-done-it with no dialog, presented by draMAStic dance works and choreographed and directed by Mary A. Stiegelbauer. …this play is so well choreographed and […]

Fringe Review: ‘Macbeth: the instruments of darkness’ at Warehouse

Macbeth: The Instruments of Darkness. Presented by The Rude Mechanicals

The Capital Fringe production of Macbeth: the instruments of darkness, based on Macbeth by William Shakespeare and directed by Joshua Engel, is an example of how not to produce a Shakespeare play.  It is true that Joshua Engel has tried to do the almost impossible by decreasing the play’s typical three-hour run time down to […]

MD Theatre Guide’s Rising Star: Jack Connors

Jack Connors.

I am very excited to have Jack Connors as our July Rising Star! I first saw Jack Connors in Edward II, a play by Christopher Marlowe who is a contemporary of William Shakespeare.  Edward II is based on King Edward and his short, troublesome reign.  Jack plays Edward III, Edward II young son.  At the […]

Theatre Review: ‘The BFG’ at Imagination Stage

The BFG (James Konicek) and Sophie (Megan Graves). Photo by Margot Schulman.

Imagination Stage brings another Roald Dahl story to the stage!  This summer it is The BFG, a classic children’s story about a big friendly giant (or BFG), a young orphan girl and the Queen of England. Co-directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer and Eric J. Van Wyk, and with the extraordinary lofty puppets designed by Eric […]

Theatre Review: ‘Pinkalicious, The Musical’ at Adventure Theatre, MTC

Carolyn Agan as Pinkalicious and John Sygar as Peter. Photo provided by Adventure Theatre MTC.

Close your eyes and picture pink polka dots, soft pink lights and fluffy cotton candy clouds. That scrumptious scene is what you will see when walking into Adventure Theatre, MTC’s production of Pinkalicious, The Musical, directed by Carl Menniger and choreographed by Michael J. Bobbitt. Pinkalicious, The Musical, is based on the book Pinkalicious by […]