About Allie J. Lundquist

Allie J. Lundquist is a recent Muhlenberg College graduate with a BA in English Literature. A sizable portion of high school was spent in theatre class and in auditoriums, learning and rehearsing. Although she pursued other interests in higher education, the theatre craft was always in the perifery, and now she's dipping a foot in again. She hopes that the perspective her reviews come from, that of the common man, is appreciated by the readers of the MTG.

Theatre Review: ‘Spring Awakening’ at Dominion Stage

Jenny Christine (Wendla). Photo by John Tresh.

I’m sad to say that Dominion Stage’s production of that musical hit of hits, Spring Awakening, which I saw at Gunston Theatre One this past Saturday, did not seem ready for presentation. Lines had been learned, cues had been memorized, characters had been explored, but the cast had not yet made the show theirs. I did […]

Theatre Review: ‘Promises, Promises’ at the Arlington Players

Patrick M. Doneghy and Karen Batra.  Photography by Peter Hill.

The Arlington Players (TAP) debuted their production of the 1968 musical Promises, Promises on October 5th at the Thomas Jefferson High Community Center. Director John Moran picked a strong script which lays out all the pieces for a great show.  Characters are written three-dimensionally, and the plot gradually pulls the audience in.  Although TAP’s rendition […]

Theatre Review: ‘Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead’ at Tidewater Players

Sarah Hutchison Collier, Brandi Elizabeth Brown, Chad La Fleur, Charles W. Johnson IV, Denise Rogers, Dickie Mahoney, Robert W. Oppel and Tammy Oppel. Photo courtesy of Tidewater Players.

As one might gather from the “blockhead” portion of the production Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, presented by the Tidewater Players at the Community Theatre of Havre de Grace, drops in on the characters from Charles M. Schultz’s world-famous comic strip, Peanuts.  Charlie and Sally, Linus and Lucy, Snoopy and Woodstock, Marcy […]

Theatre Review: ‘Bell, Book and Candle’ at Colonial Players of Annapolis

Carol Cohen (Queenie), Ali Vellon (Gillian), and Jason Vaughann (Nicky Holroyd) in 'Bell, Book and Candle.' Photo by Colburn Images.

Some plays are 120 solid minutes of sorrow, showcasing the vulnerable hell that is the human condition. Others ask its members to see themselves as cogs in an oppressive machine and some plays want you to return home from your night out on the town numb, guilty, disgusted, wondering if the world is actually dreadful […]

Theatre Review: ‘Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris’ at MetroStage

Natascia Diaz.  Photography by Chris Banks.

There are surely many Jacques Brel purists out there who say: if you translate “Le Moribond” and “Les Filles et Les Chiens” to any other language, you will damage and lose the songwriter’s meaning. The famed Brel recorded a number of songs in English for his UK and American releases in the 1960s and 70s, […]

Cabaret Review: ‘Music in the Movies II’ at Signature Theatre


Ahhh YouTube, that omnipresent giver of precious baby animal videos and just about everything else entertaining.  The current generation was practically raised on it, and it is surely a trying task for them to remember a time when such-and-such iconic song from a given movie couldn’t be called up instantly on the Internet regardless of […]