You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at Olney Theatre Center

The Peanuts gang is all here and ready to play a little baseball in Olney Theatre Center's production of YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN. Photo by Stan Barouh.

Happiness is getting to see You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown at Olney Theatre Center. A rollicking good time of a musical directed and choreographed by Stephen Nachamie, this show will touch audiences young and old with the classic characters of Charles M. Schulz exactly as everyone remembers them.

Hapgood at Silver Spring Stage

Kerner (David Dubov) and Hapgood (Carol Spring). Photo by Harvey Levine.

It is the art of observing that determines what is what and that factor is strongly relied upon in the Silver Spring Stage’s production of Hapgood. A play by Tom Stoppard directed by Doug Krehbel, the story is a complex fortress of secrets, spies, and espionage encapsulated by Stoppard’s smart and funny dialogue.

The Language Archive at Forum Theatre

Nanna and Mitchell Hebert in The Language Archive. Photo by

Love is the universal language or so we’ve all been told for as long as we can remember. But perhaps it is communication that makes the universality of love so easily translated. The concept of languages, dead and living, are presented for study in Forum Theatre’s The Language Archive. Directed by Jessica Burgess, the play […]

Chapter Two at The Colonial Players

Jeff Sprague (Leo) and Lauren Ivey (Faye). Photo Courtesy of The Colonial Players.

Colonial Players presents the fourth show in their 63rd season – Chapter Two – a Neil Simon comedy. Chapter Two presents a whirlwind romance, a grease lightning wedding, and the tempestuous storms that arise in their wake as a recent widower, George, who is far from over his dead wife falls in love with a woman, Jennie, fresh […]

Ubu Rex at American University

Pa Ubu (Tim Harmey) and King Wenceslas (Adi Stein). Photo by Catherine Gannon.

If it weren’t for American University’s production of Ubu Rex there wouldn’t be riotous laughter and absolute absurd chaos flaming its way across the stage of the Greenberg Theatre. An abstract notion of ridiculousness written by Alfred Jarry and directed by Dr. Cara M. Gabriel, this bizarre riot where the hero acts like a swine and gets away with presents a stunning series of crazy moments that will keep the audience, albeit confused, on the edge of their seats with thunderous laughter.

The Merchant of Venice at The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Heather Howard and Greg Burgess in 'Merchant of Venice.' Photo by Teresa Castracane.

The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company proves that you don’t need a fancy set or even a stage to bring high quality works of Shakespeare to the audience in their production of The Merchant of Venice. An intimate and innovative staging of Shakespeare’s great comedy, the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company brings new life – through vivacious and energetic actors – to the play. Director Teresa Castracane provides the audience with a concept that could only be addressed as “Shakespeare in your living room.”

Alien Invader at Catholic University

In the top photo one it’s Anna Lathrop and Thomas DiSalvo. Photo by Colin Hovde.

The worst video game ever meets the most dysfunctional family ever in the groundbreaking work of new playwright Frank DiSalvo Jr., as Catholic University of America presents Alien Invader. Based around the dysfunctions of four siblings one year after the death of their parents, this play presents an exciting new take on how families cope […]

Les Justes at WSC Avant Bard

Nora Achrati and John Stange in WSC Avant Bard’s 'Les Justes.' Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

With direction by Jay Hardee – the show takes audiences on a dramatic journey – filled with high stakes and dire moments – as the story of a small group of revolutionaries attempt and plot to carry out an assassination in the name of terror and justice, believing that only one can help bring forth the other.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at Damascus Theatre Company

Lawrence Jameson (Bill Brown)  and Gabriel T. Potter (Freddy Benson) in 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrel.' Photo by Elli Swink.

Damascus Theatre Company will certainly give audiences what they want with their fiery production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Directed by D. Scott Richards, this zany show will keep the audience in stitches as plot after plot unfolds. The con man, another con man, some women, and the French Riviera – what more could you possibly need for a wild and crazy night at the theatre? Did I mention the live orchestra that’s perfectly in tune, making a stunning addition to this already fantastic piece?