The Three Prince Charmings at The Elden Street Players


The most charming children’s show of the season will waltz into your heart as The Elden Street Players presents The Three Prince Charmings. A laughable, loveable, fairytale adventure written by Edith Weiss and directed by Barbara D. Carpenter, this fun-filled tale will keep young audiences fascinated with the stories of Prince Charming Smile and Prince Charming Hair as they encounter their true loves along the way.

Crimes of the Heart at Prince George’s Little Theatre


A quaint cozy slice of southern life in the 1970s is the show that you’ll see in the Prince George’s Little Theatre’s production of Crimes of the Heart. Directed by Sheilah Crossley-Cox, the tale of three sisters and their family dysfunction come to the stage. It is a simple story with a few side plots […]

Almost, Maine at 1st Stage

It's snowing in 'Almost, Maine' at 1st Stage. Photo courtesy of 1st Stage.

There is something truly magical about snow and there are truly magical moments captured in the wonderful snowy performance of Almost, Maine presented by 1st Stage. The audience becomes the snowflakes in the snow globe waiting to be whirled to life by eight little moments of love. The story is an all encompassing globe of […]

Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking at The Hippodrome Theatre at the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center

Carrie Fischer. Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann.

An evening of laughs, intimacy, and a galaxy far far away comes to audiences at The Hippodrome Theatre as Broadway Across America presents Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking…Fisher gives a top-notch performance, giving a full two-hour show with great gusto.

Necessary Sacrifices at Ford’s Theatre

Craig Wallace (Frederick Douglass) and David Selby (Abraham Lincoln) in Ford’s Theatre's “Necessary Sacrifices.” Photo by T. Charles Erickson.

A breath-taking step back in history comes to audiences as Ford’s Theatre presents Necessary Sacrifices. Directed by Jennifer L. Nelson – this vibrant portrait of Lincoln and Frederick Douglass brings history to life as the difficult times of the civil war and all it presents comes to light through discourse of this to important figures.

A Skull in Connemara at CENTERSTAGE

Si Osborne and Jordan J. Brown in Martin McDonagh’s 'A Skull in Connemara.' Photo by Richard Anderson.

Four Irish people. Three skulls. Two Brothers. One Murder. And Father Welsch. Walsch. Tut. A morbid dabble into dark humor with lots of mind blowing moments comes to light in Centerstage’s production of A Skull in Connemara. Directed by BJ Jones, this grave tale unfolds in a little Irish town where the cemeteries are full up and every seven years the bodies are exhumed to make room for more. With dark moments so funny that your skull will be splitting, you won’t want to miss this gruesome little story.

Smokey Joe’s Café at Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Baltimore

The cast of 'Smokey Joe's Cafe.' Photo by Kirsten Christiansen.

The joint is jumpin’ and the hits are happenin’ as Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Baltimore presents Smokey Joe’s Café – an upbeat musical revue-style show that features the classic hits of Leiber and Stoller. The names may not sound familiar but all the tunes will – featuring well loved numbers like “Love Potion No. 9,” “You’re the Boss,” and “Fools Fall in Love,” this kick-back to the 1950’s will have you tapping your toes and singing along as the ten talented performers sing and dance their way through the show.

Man of La Mancha at McLean Community Players

The cast of 'Man of La Mancha": Lance Adell, Mary Ayala-Bush, Emily Baden, Mike Baker, Jr.,  Marissa Chapman,  R. Kieth Flores,  Chris Gallegos,  Celina Gomez,  and Peter Halverson.  Photo by Traci L. Brooks Photography.

The madness of Don Quixote – as told by Cervantes – comes to McLean Community Players’ stage in their production of Man of La Mancha. Directed by Don Petersen with musical and vocal direction provided by Walter McCoy and Rosemary Dyer – the show tells the tale of the man who longs for adventure, pines […]

Love Letters at The Bay Theatre Company, Inc.

Nigel Reed and Valerie Leonard. Photo courtesy of The Bay Theatre Co., Inc.

Director Alan Wade brings a stunning production of this burgeoning classic to the stage with breath-taking moments of joy, heart-stopping moments of sorrow, and gut-bursting moments of laughter.

How I Learned to Drive at The Greenbelt Arts Center

Elizabethann English. Photo by Frank Koh.

An insightful story to the dark secrets that are always looming just under the surface of simple things like family and driving lessons – is the show you will see at the Greenbelt Arts Center’s performance of How I Learned to Drive. An original Maryland work by Paula Vogel, the play is a series of narrative vignette style scenes from the life of Little Bit (Elizabethann English) in regards to her driving lessons and untoward relationship with Uncle Peck (Bill Brekke).

Seussical, JR. at Musical Theater Center

The cast of 'Seussical, JR.' Photo by William Forehand.

Oh the things you will think when this play you come see— all wonderful things I promise, just take it from me. You’ll see wonders and amazement and I swear that’s the truth— from this amazing talented cast of acting youth. The Musical Theater Center presents Seussical Jr. a magical journey into the whimsical world […]

Red at The Mead Center for American Theater at Arena Stage

Edward Gero as Mark Rothko and Patrick Andrews as Ken in the 2011 Goodman Theatre production of 'Red.' Photo by Liz Lauren.

Never before has such a simply complex color blossomed to thrilling exuberant life upon the stage than in Arena Stage’s presentation of the Tony Award-winning play Red. Written by John Logan and directed by Robert Falls, the show centers around painter Mark Rothko and his abstract impressionism approach to art – in particular the paintings he is commissioned to paint for The Four Seasons restaurant in New York City.

Teatro de la Luna’s Festival de Teatro para Niños


Leer! Leer! Leer es aprender! Leer! Leer! Leer is disfrutar! A key message delivered to children of all ages at the Teatro de la Luna’s Festival de Teatro para Niños. The English translation means “To read is to learn. To read is to enjoy. The Teatro de la Luna company stressed this over and over in a fun rhyming rap song for the children during the down time in between shows. There were lots of activities to keep the youngsters occupied including a reading corner, coloring, games, puzzles, as well as arts and crafts.

The Iceman Cometh at Fells Point Corner Theatre

Photos from top to bottom: Photo 1: Front Row: Tony Colavito, Rodney Bonds, Mark Scharf, Michael Robinson Back Row: William Walker, Ian Bonds, Mike Papa, David Morey, John Hurley, Rick Stover, and Tim Evans. Photo by Ken Stanek.

The actors try valiantly to breathe life into this very convoluted and semi-political diatribe. The play itself and presents difficult challenges to captivating audiences attentions; not from lack of trying on the cast’s behalf. Many of the actors create brilliant characters – complete with accents and gestures unique to their background but most of these are drowned out in the large crowd scenes where many groups begin talking at once with no specific intention of having one set of dialogue heard over another.