About Brian Bochicchio

Brian Bochicchio is a transplanted New Yorker who has made his second home in Virginia. He holds degrees in English and Communications and enjoys his first love of theatre by engaging in the abundance of talent in this area. He been involved in regional and community theater for the past 30 years--on stage, behind the scenes and doing voice overs.

Cabaret Review: ‘The Elden Street Musical Experience’ at the Summer Cabaret Series by NextStop Theatre Company

Jaclyn Young, John Loughney, Matthew Thompson, and Priscilla Cuellar.

Who doesn’t like a musical revue? Its like going to a buffet, where you can choose the stuff that suits your tastes. You might get a surprise. And if one serving is not to your liking, another dish is served up right away. No need to wade through all of that messy exposition and denouement. […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Veil’ at Quotidian Theatre Company

From left: Christine Alexander as Clare, Chelsea Mayo as Hannah, Steve LaRocque as Berkeley, John Decker as Audelle, and Michele Osherow as Madeleine. Photo by St. Johnn Blondell.

Faced with summer blockbusters, both in film and theatre, and the delightfully diverse DC Fringe experience, this time of year around the nation’s capital is palpably full of the avant-garde, the breezy and the funky. Quotidian Theatre Company in Bethesda nicely fills the void of classic storytelling with its current offering, the suspenseful and well […]

Theatre Review: ‘Menopause, The Musical’ at the Warner Theatre

The cast of 'Menopause, The Musical.' Photo provided by 'Menopause, The Musical.'

Yes indeedy, your intrepid male reviewer ventured to the Warner Theatre to take in one of their briefly running summer offerings, Menopause, The Musical. In a straightforward nostalgic style, it probes that unappreciated trial of life for mid-aged women. Or as the show subtitles. The Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change. I caught a […]

Theatre Review: ‘Blues for an Alabama Sky’ at Port City Playhouse

Sam Thomas (DeJeanette Horne), Guy Jacobs (Malcolm Lee ), and Delia Patterson (Christine Wells). Photo by Michael deBlois.

Little known in our current awareness is a time in the late 1920s when Harlem, in the ‘high numbers’ of Manhattan Island, was a centerpiece of an artistic, social and intellectual revival for the African American community. A confluence of industry and personal expression fueled this surge, and made Harlem the place to be, even […]

Theatre Review: ‘Failure: A Love Story’ at The Hub Theatre

Rose McConnell, Maggie Erwin, Michael Kevin Darnall, Carolyn Kashner, Chris Stinson, and Tia Shearer. Photo: C. Stanley Photography.

The Hub Theatre’s spring fling is a theater piece with an old fashioned setting, modern theater elements and a timeless message. Don’t get wrapped around the title of Failure: A Love Story. It’s a bit of a red herring and you would miss the open-your-mind fun that the show provides. Set in Chicago during the first quarter […]

Theatre Review #2: ‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Photo by Joe Williams.

The Lieutenant of Inishmore is a biting, dark comedy that makes quite a splash – most of it crimson. It is a theater event that needs to be fully experienced with all senses ablaze rather than merely describing it here. The production is indeed that visceral; a shockingly violent show that masterfully weaves in themes […]

Theatre Review: ‘Xanadu’ by the Reston Community Players

Evie Korovesis and cast. Photo by Traci J. Brooks Studio.

Xanadu rolls into the Reston Community Center this month as a cheeky time capsule of one of my favorite decades… the 80s. 1980 to be precise. Big hair, spandex, phones with wires on them, and glitter. Artistically, it was a time of experimentation and wild special effects. There was a ‘why not’ disposition when the […]

Theatre Review: ‘Proof’ at the Little Theatre of Alexandria

Elizabeth Keith as Claire and Anna Fagan as Catherine. Photo by Matt Liptak.

If thoughts of high school calculus make you cringe, and words like quadratic, derivative, and exponential polynomial make your eyes glaze over, fear not.  Advance prep and number 2 pencils are not required to enjoy the bravura performance of Proof, at Little Theatre of Alexandria. The show is an examination of Catherine (Anna Fagan), a young […]

Theatre Review: ‘Souvenir: A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins’ at 1st Stage Theatre

Lee Mikeska Gardner. Photo by Teresa Castracane.

You know its coming. You wait for it with nervous expectation. Your ears tingle in readiness as you listen to her reluctant music collaborator and friend, Cosme McMoon, sitting in a 1940s jazz club, reminiscing about his days playing for the fabled iconoclast performer Florence Jenkins. He softly tickles his baby grand as he brings […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Shakespeare Theatre Company

Vanessa Morosco as Gwendolen and Gregory Wooddell as Jack. Photo by Scott Suchman.

The Shakespeare Theatre has saved us from a dreadfully unbecoming winter of single digit desolation by bringing us Oscar Wilde’s self-described ‘trivial’ ode to language: The Importance Of Being Earnest. Think Downton Abbey with a lighter tone and no unpleasant deaths. …a delight to the eye, ear, and mind.  The show, already a theatre classic, […]

Theatre Review: ‘A Christmas Carol’ by the Little Theatre of Alexandria

Valerie Chamness as Ghost of Christmas Past. Photo by Eddy Roger Parker.

The patterns that we fall into every holiday season are insidiously familiar.  With Thanksgiving as the starting gate, we end our fall events and the “Holidays” come. Along with radio jingles and harsher weather, come the traditions that are just… there. They arrive without us realizing it. One of the most traditional is Charles Dickens’s […]

Theatre Review: ‘Noises Off’ at 1st Stage Theatre

Kate Karczewski, Zachary Fernebok and Blair Bowers. Photo by Teresa Castracane.

The quintessential theatre-lover’s play, Noises Off arrives at 1st Stage Theatre in Tysons as distinctly fun escapist fare for the holiday season. It is loaded with F’s…frantic, frolicking, and farcical. Also a humongous F-bomb from the exasperated director of this fictional third rate acting troupe, who at the final dress rehearsal yells “just say your […]

Theatre Review: ‘Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave’ at the Hub Theatre

Hedy Hosford and Andrew Ferlo as Orphan Girl and Hardboiled Man. Photo by Melissa Blackall.

Be prepared to be hit by and possibly Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave.  Hub Theatre’s imaginative presentation of Canadian playwright David Yee’s new play is a theme-based evening consisting of a series of vignettes, the common thread being the catastrophic 2004 Pacific Tsunami. In one of the most devastating natural disasters ever […]

Theatre Review: ‘Les Miserables’ at Riverside Center Dinner Theatre

David Michael Felty and Thomas Adrian Simpson. Photo courtesy of Riverside Dinner Theatre.

Recalling the wise words of a director I worked with in my formative years, he once intoned “I wish theatre groups not take on Man of La Mancha unless they are prepared to do it right.” His reverence for La Mancha with its sweeping, majestic vocals and themes of imagination, sacrificial love, and redemption was evident. […]