About Elliot Lanes

Elliot Lanes has been a professional stage manager/sound designer/board op for over 20 years. After relocating to Washington, DC from the New York City area and marrying the girl of his dreams Jennifer Perry, he has been privileged to work on productions at Theatre J, Synetic, Prince George's Community College and Studio Theater to name a few. He has contributed designs for many shows in the last three Capital Fringe Festivals, two of which garnered critical raves. He is also the creator of MD Theatre Guide's highly successful 'A Quick 5' column.

Fringe Review: ‘Uniform’ at Gearbox

Uniform.jpg resize

Do you remember back in Jr. High School English when your teacher would give you a scenario and ask you what you think the ending is? That is what Pseudostyle Theatre’s Holocaust play called Uniform is like. The piece, written by Aaron Sulkin, was a commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary. […]

Fringe Review: ‘Killer Quack’ at Goethe Institut-Mainstage

James Judd

Stop the presses!! Master storyteller James Judd is back for his tenth anniversary at Capital Fringe with his latest show Killer Quack which features a story that you just can’t make up. Dean Faiello was convicted in 2003 after killing one Maria Cruz with a lidocaine injection into her tongue. Cruz went to Faiello for […]

‘A Quick 5′ with Rachel Stroud-Goodrich and Chris Goodrich

Rachel Stroud-Goddrich and Chris Goodrich

Rachel Stroud-Goodrich and Chris Goodrich are one ambitious theatre couple. They are the C0-Artistic Directors of Unexpected Stage Company which is presenting its first musical called Dani Girl at Randolph Road Theatre (original home of Round House Theatre) in Silver Spring MD, through August 10th. Here is a couple raising three young kids, while holding full-time […]

Fringe Review: ‘Marriage, Lizards and Love’ at the Shop at Fort Fringe

lizards and love.jpg resize

Good talent gets drawn to a play for many reasons. In the case of Jean P. Bordewich’s predictable and melodramatic play Marriage, Lizards and Love, you have to wonder what that reason was. Julia (Stephanie La Vardera) is a successful lawyer who is married to an opera composer named Henry (Erik Harrison.) Henry is living […]

‘A Quick 5′ with Robert Michael Oliver

Robert Michael Oliver

Robert Michael Oliver is currently embodying Walt Whitman in his one man tour de force solo piece called Song of Myself: The Whitman Project. This is the second in Oliver’s American poetry-in-performance series which started with his one man show based on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe which also played Capital Fringe. Some of you might […]

Fringe Review: ‘Dream Love’ at The Shop at Fort Fringe

Dream Love.jpg resize

What happens when you take the dance elements of a Synetic Theater production and merge it with a traditional theatre script? Avalanche Theatre Company’s devised theatre piece Dream Love answers this question. …Dream Love is an interesting merging of dance and traditional theatre and is definitely worth checking out. The show tells the story of six […]

Theatre Review: ‘Gidion’s Knot’ at Forum Theatre

L-R Caroline Stefanie Clay and Katy Carkuff. Photo by Melissa Blackall Photography.

Any play that deals with a hot topic like bullying in school is likely to get a lot of attention from theatre companies across the country. Gidion’s Knot by Johnna Adams is one of those shows and is currently being presented by Forum Theatre in Silver Spring as a co-production with Next Stop Theatre Company […]

Fringe Review: ‘TAME.’ At Gearbox

Tame.jpg resize

A southern take on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew in Jonelle Walker’s TAME. is being presented by Blind Pug Arts Collective as part of this year’s Capital Fringe festival. Good script, acting and direction make for a great night of theatre and TAME. succeeded in all of these departments. In this interesting  and sometimes moving […]

Fringe Review: ‘Medea’s Got Some Issues’ at Warehouse

Medea.jpg resize

In the theatre the life of an understudy is a hard one. You never know if you are going to get a chance to go on after spending weeks learning a particular role. It’s enough to make you turn bitter as a performer. The esteemed No Rules Theatre Company’s entry into this year’s Capital Fringe […]

Fringe Review: ‘Mandarin Orange’ at Caos on F

Kate Robards

Solo shows need a few elements to make them successful. First the solo performer needs to engage you as an artist. Kate Robards is attractive to look at and has lots of energy onstage so this point is covered in Robards’s solo turn called Mandarin Orange. …a performer with lots of spunk The other thing […]

Fringe Review: ‘Bethesda’ at Goethe Institut- Gallery

Bethesda.jpg resize

  Jennie Bergman Eng’s play Bethesda starts off promising enough. Barry (James Whalen) is a Foreign Service officer who has been sent back to his home in Bethesda, MD with his family from South America after having an inappropriate affair with the family’s domestic named Maria Consuelo (Arianna Almajan). Barry is married to Joy (Adrienne […]

Cabaret Review: ‘Tracy Lynn Olivera and Bobby Smith’ part of the Sizzlin Summer Nights Cabaret Series at Signature Theatre

Tracy Lynn Olivera and Bobby Smith

There is something wonderful about certain kinds of cabaret acts. In the case of Signature Theatre veteran performers Tracy Lynn Olivera and Bobby Smith’s show, there was plenty of great music and patter to go around. When you have two performers they truly enjoy each other it makes for a good time. A few of […]

Cabaret Review: ‘Erin Driscoll’ part of the Sizzlin Summer Nights Cabaret Series at Signature Theatre

Erin Driscoll

This past theatre season has been a banner year for actress Erin Driscoll. She started the season out in a supporting role in Miss Saigon at Signature Theatre and then graduated big time to leading lady in Violet at Ford’s Theatre. From there it was back to Signature Theatre to play Polly Peachum in the […]

Fringe Review: ‘The 27 Club’ at Warehouse

The cast of The 27 Club.
L-R Jade Jones, Kurt Boehm, Tina Ghandchilar,  
Paige Taylor, Alex Piper and Ian Anthony Coleman.

The names Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones and Jim Morrison are synonymous with classic Rock ‘n’ Roll. They unfortunately all have something else in common. All of them died at age 27 from some kind of addiction. Director/Writer Carolyn Agan has put together a piece that definitely deserves a future […]