Cappies Review: ‘Hairspray’ at Thomas S. Wootton High School

"You Can't Stop the Beat" from Wootton's Hairspray featuring Edna (Jeffrey Morse), Amber (Jackie Kempa), Velma (Meghan Wright) and Motormouth Maybelle (Aaliyah Dixon).  Photo by Joe McCary.

Review submitted by Zoe Le Menestrel of McLean High School. Superficiality and ignorance abound in Baltimore, Maryland circa 1960, but lion-hearted Tracy Turblad, whose sense of social justice surpasses the height of her heavily lacquered hair, is prepared to turn the tide. Diving straight through the taunts about her large physique, she uses her prowess and […]

Cappies Review: ‘Macbeth’ at Northwood High School

Noah Wasco (Donalbain), Sam Gracia (Duncan), Simon Enagonio (Malcom), Muhammed Rafinelli (Lenox), Emily Tartaglia (Angus/Menteth/Old Man), and Blake Johnson (Rosse).  Photo by Stephanie Smestad.

Review submitted by Makiko Miyazaki of Walt Whitman High School. Yet here’s a spot. Out, damned spot!” Lady Macbeth’s shriek of agony pierces the audience in any production of the poignant play, Macbeth. The unsettling scene, in which she, driven mad by the countless murders she helped commit to push her husband to power, tries to […]

Cappies Review: ‘Oklahoma!’ at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Jordan Reilly as Aunt Eller, Billy Weber as Curly, Amelia Heesen as Laurey. Photo by Bruce Weber.

Review submitted by Yena Seo of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. A single fiddle’s melody can be heard in the distance as the lights come up on a quaint little town, and one can almost smell the churned butter and hear the rustling of corn stalks on the plain. In a charming production […]

Cappies Review: ‘The Pajama Game’ at Connelly School of the Holy Child

Hines and Mabel (John Anderson and Becca Rizkalla). Photo by Stone Photography.

Review submitted by Elena Schwam of Walt Whitman High School. Seven and a half cents doesn’t buy a heck of a lot, but a ticket to Connelly School of the Holy Child’s production of The Pajama Game is worth every penny for a production plucked out of the 1950s. The Pajama Game is based on Richard […]

News: Interview with Tosin on CD Release Concert at Strathmore This Friday


Interview by Victoria Colbert Nigerian-born musician Tosin Aribisala soaks up the indigenous sounds of his homeland with a phenomenal fusion of traditional Yoruba rhythms, Afrobeat, highlife, jazz, funk, and Neo-soul. This “Afrikan Rhapsody” is an amalgam of African rhythmic characteristics and melodic elements of the American blues, which has its roots in African traditional folk […]

Cappies Review: ‘Figments’ at Albert Einstein High School

(Front) Lily Habenstreit as Loni, Marc Cioffi as Rick
(Rear) Adeline McCaul as Loni 2, Carlos Castillo as Rick 2.  Photo by  Joe McCary.

Review submitted by Lillian Constance of George Mason High School. Writers Block. The worst fate a writer can face or at least the second worst after overbearing mothers. This past weekend, Albert Einstein High School showed us just how entertaining a writer’s imagination can be in their production of Figments, by Billy St. John. Figments […]

Commentary: An Open Letter from Ilona Dulaski to Patrons and Friends of Wayside Theatre in Middletown, VA

Ilona Dulaski

Dear Patrons and Friends of Wayside Theatre in Middletown, VA. I was/am very distressed when Warner Crocker, former Artistic Director of Wayside Theatre in Middletown, VA, and very, very dear friend, informed me that he was resigning from his duties as Artistic Director for the last 14 years, a week ago Friday. I am a […]

Cappies Review: ‘Ragtime’ at Thomas S. Wootton High School

Coalhouse Walker Jr (Elgin Martin) is convinced that he and Sarah (Shenayra Quiles) will be able to make a better life for their son with their “Wheels on a Dream.” Photo by Erica Land.

Review submitted by Amanda Gamage of Albert Einstein High School. With lively Scott Joplin-esque music filling the air, mysterious illusionists breaking out of impossible traps, and Latvian immigrants, you will think you have stepped through a time machine and entered early 20th century America. But you haven’t – you’ve only stepped into Thomas S. Wootton High […]

Cappies Review: ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ at Northwood High School Academy of Musical Theatre

Arthur Kraus and Sam Gracia. Photo by Dahlia Ehrenberg, a student.

Review submitted by Allison Fantz of Robert E. Lee High School. We’re either men, or we’re monkeys,” and if we know that we’re men, we should never let someone treat us like monkeys. The shocking drama “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” tells a story of determination and intimidation, of courage and fear, as a […]

Cappies Review: ‘Grease’ at Albert Einstein High School

Eric Teran (Danny); Thomas Richards (Sonny); Noah Habenstreit (Doody); Daniel Zucker (Kenickie); Carlos Castillo (Roger) in "Greased Lightining."  Photo by Joe McCary.

Review submitted by Jordan Goodson of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Teenagers dance jubilantly across the stage, chattering and laughing amongst themselves. However, instead of skinny jeans and hoodies, they are bedecked in poodle skirts and leather jackets. The music floating around is not Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus, but Elvis Presley and Johnny […]

Cappies Review: ‘Pippin’ at St. Andrew’s Episcopal

Fastrada (Jordan Reilly) sings "Spread a Little Sunshine" to her son, Lewis (Billy Weber). Photo by Vince Weber.

Review submitted by Daryl Bright of Duke Ellington School of the Arts. “Home is where the heart is.” Well when “home” consists of a narcissistic father, an evil stepmother, and a dimwitted half-brother, then I, like Pippin, would have searched for fulfillment elsewhere too! With a disco ball, a dancing granny, and a dying ducky, The […]

Cappies Review: ‘The Outsiders’ at Georgetown Preparatory School

Stage design for 'The Outsiders.'  Photo by John Walsh.

Review submitted by Max Johnson of McLean High School. Call them what you will– losers, punks, delinquents, outcasts– stuck within society’s fringe, Ponyboy Curtis and his fellow greasers can’t seem to escape from these stifling labels. However, when an understanding hand is extended from the exclusive circle of the “Socs,” the opportunity to be seen as […]

Cappies Review: ‘Anything Goes’ at Walt Whitman High School

Jordan Abramowitz (as Hope Harcourt) and Bryan Eng (as Billy Crocker) perform "It's Delovely." Photo by Marcus De Paula.

Review submitted by Elgin Martin of Thomas S. Wootton High School. When you think of musical comedy, you think of Anything Goes. This Cole Porter classic debuted on Broadway in 1934 and since then has been revived twice on Broadway, produced three times on the West End, inspired two movies, and recently, embarked on a […]

News: The Scene of the Crime: Do or Die Mysteries by Chris Felker


Do or Die Productions begins a new run of its raucously hilarious dinner-theater interactive murder mysteries in a new venue this weekend. Flanagan’s Harp & Fiddle, an Irish pub and restaurant in Bethesda, will host the comic improvisation troupe twice each weekend beginning Sept. 14 for at least the next six weeks. Promising that “you’ll […]