Concert Review: Whoopi Goldberg at the Lyric

Whoopi Goldberg

How does one review Whoopi Goldberg?  “She was at the Lyric for one show Saturday night and she was brilliant.”  But somehow, I feel like I should say more than that. Her entrance onto the stage was fun.  First, all you see is a sliver of white just offstage on the right, flitting around.  Gradually, […]

Theatre Review: ‘Stop, Kiss’ at Fells Point Corner Theatre

Samrawit Belai (Sara) and Ann Turiano (Callie). Photo by Justin Tscalas.

Fells Point Corner Theatre opened its 2012-2013 season Friday night with Diane Son’s Stop Kiss to a very appreciative audience.  Director Jay Gilman made some very unique, interesting choices that went over very well with those watching.  One thing that is remarkable about this opening night was that nothing went wrong.  Things always go wrong […]

BPF Review: ‘The Last Shall Be First’

Cherry (Natasha White) and Monroe (Archie Williams) comfort each other.  Photo Courtesy of Heralds of Hope Theatre.

The final play in the Baltimore Playwrights Festival is The Last Shall Be First, produced by Heralds of Hope Theater Company, in residence at Sojourner–Douglass College.  The play is based on the story of the Nat Turner rebellion in 1831, even taking its title from a quote from Turner.  It’s a very interesting play, and […]

BPF Review: ‘The Things We Do…an evening of one-acts’

'Replay' with Co-Mo Molloy and Rachael Lee Rash. Photo by Ken Stanek.

Another selection of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival is playing at the Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theater. Well, three of them actually. The Things We Do…an evening of one-acts is a wonderful evening that the audience thoroughly enjoyed. The evening is directed by Lynn Morton and uses the same group of nine actors throughout.  Ms. Morton was inconsistent; sometimes […]