About Victoria Durham

Victoria is a DC-based writer, spoken word poet and graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia where she earned degrees in Film and African-American Studies. She’s worked as a production coordinator on a ton of artsy fartsy indie flicks, but has also worked for companies you’ve heard of like Fox and BET. She’s a Clean Eating advocate, bookworm, aspiring thrill-seeker and is currently hard at work on her first full-length play.

Theatre Review: ‘Superior Donuts’ at Silver Spring Stage

Courtesy of Silver Spring Stage.

Whether by divine order or by sheer coincidence certain people come along and change our lives, for better or for worse.  Encounters with strangers, however long or brief, often have a way of teaching us about ourselves and the world in which we live. In Superior Donuts, a comedy-drama by actor and playwright Tracy Letts, […]

Theatre Review: ‘Seminar’ at Round House Theatre, Bethesda

Martin (Alexander Strain), Leonard (Marty Lodge), and Kate (Kate 
deBuys). Photo by Danisha Crosby

It’s no secret that writers are a typically emotional lot left to brood and philosophize about the human condition. But there’s more to writing than simply clacking away at a laptop for hours and hours upon end. Turns out, writing is a contact sport, or so it would seem in playwright Theresa Rebeck’s, Seminar. Round House Theatre lends a savvy […]

Theatre Review: ‘An Inspector Calls’ at Rockville Little Theatre

Gordon Adams, Lena Winter, Peter Harrold, Chris Daileader, Michael Silver and Natalie McManus. Photo by Ken Kemp.

Not unlike the present day, life in the early twentieth century was vastly different for the haves versus have-nots.  In England, the Edwardian era (a time of flourishing technological progress) bred an especially indulgent upper class. As World War II approached, the wealthy clung fiercely to their elite status and privilege while lower class citizens […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)’ at Silver Spring Stage

Steven Snapp and Andy Greenleaf. Photo by Harvey Levine.

To the uninitiated, the works of William Shakespeare are more confusing than nuclear physics. Back in high school, I venture that many of us survived Hamlet and Julius Caesar thanks largely to Cliffs Notes Study Guides. Though I’ll always be grateful for those slim black and yellow pamphlets, I would’ve much preferred to see the Shakespearian crash course, the […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’ at Laurel Mill Playhouse

Erin Wagner. Photo by Joshua McKerrow.

Even the world’s toughest, meanest psychopath is not without some sort of moral code.  For example, many deviants willingly spare the lives of women. For others, children are completely off limits. In playwright Martin McDonagh’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore, terrorists hold cats sacred. In this dark satire, one Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) assassin proves his […]

Theatre Review: ‘Speech and Debate’ by Montgomery College Communications and Performing Arts Department

Ren Paige as Soloman & Deavon Taylor as Howie. Photo by Perry T. Schwartz.

Most teenagers don’t know it, but absolutely everything and nothing changes when you become an adult. Sure, one’s responsibilities increase tenfold, but adults are often no less insecure and uncertain than when they were underage. Most teenagers don’t know this; however, the kids at North Salem High School not only acutely recognize the shortcomings in themselves, but […]

Theatre Review: ‘Parade’ at Kensington Arts Theatre

The cast of 'Parade.' Photo by Ernie Achenbach.

Any grade school history book will tell you that the sociopolitical climate in the United States in the early twentieth century was rife with tension.  Communities continually struggled to cope with the cultural and economic effects of the Civil War. In the South especially, racism was no less tampered by the Reconstruction era. Likewise resentment […]

Theatre Review: ‘Unplugged’ by Flying V Theatre at the Writers’ Center

Robert Christopher Manzo & Katie Jeffries.  Photo by  Craig Lawrence of Fightguy Photography.

Death is mysterious. But according to Flying V Theatre, your soul, whether it ends up in heaven or hell, is in for a pretty hallucinatory eternity. In the company’s new double feature, Unplugged, two otherworldly plays inventively explore the afterlives of some of the country’s most notorious and troubled musicians. …two gutsy and thought provoking […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Nerd’ by Rockville Little Theatre at Rockville Civic Center

Noah Steurer, Patrick Pase, Chris Penick and Gerie Voss. Photo by Dean Evangelista.

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s an old college roommate or meddling in-laws, nearly everyone has had to endure a houseguest from hell. But according to the late playwright Larry Shue, all it takes is a bit of cunning, the help of a few loyal friends, and a lot of gumption to send any troublesome […]

Theatre Review: ‘After the Revolution’ at Theater J

Nancy Robinette, Megan Anderson.  Photo by Stan Barouh.

“The question is what side are you on?” Family matriarch Vera Joseph wants to know, but the truth is, the answer isn’t always clear or easy. At least that’s how the characters in playwright Amy Herzog’s After the Revolution would likely respond. This intelligent and thought provoking work, currently running at Theater J, tells the vexing […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Resurrection of Alice’ by Essential Theatre at the Undercroft Theatre

Photo courtesy of The Essential Theatre.

A recent article in the Washington Post about child brides states that nearly 14 million adolescent girls are forced into marriages with adult men every year. While the majority of these nuptials occur in developing countries in Africa and South Asia, actress and playwright Perri Gaffney is shedding light upon a similar trend that is happening much […]

Theatre Review: ‘Forever Plaid’ at Olney Theatre

The Plaids:  Brandon Duncan, Austin Colby, David Landstrom and Chris Rudy. 
Photo by Heather Latiri.

Fame is fleeting. Achieving even a modicum of success is a rarity for most singers and entertainers. Even rarer are second chances at stardom. But in Olney Theatre’s revival of the sentimental musical, Forever Plaid, a 1950’s quartet gets an unusual and otherworldly opportunity to relive their dreams and perform the music of their generation. […]

Theatre Review: ‘The T Party’ at Forum Theatre

The cast of ‘The T Party.’ Photo by Melissa Blackall Photography.

While political pundits and evangelicals debate about same sex marriage and all other issues pertaining to homosexuality, director and playwright Natsu Onoda Power taps into the heart and humanity of DC’s LGBT community with her new work, The T Party. Currently running (ever so briefly) at Forum Theatre, this play is an experimental and interactive […]

Fringe Review: ‘A Guide to Dancing…’ at the Gearbox

Brynn Tucker

There are many ways to learn to love one’s self – therapy, meditation, prayer. But actress, dancer, and writer Brynn Tucker has another, perhaps revolutionary idea. In her one-woman show, A Guide to Dancing…, this petite powerhouse, shows us how the simple act of taking it all off can be the catalyst to a future […]