About Zach Brennan

Zach Brennan is a writer based in Washington, D.C. and currently reports on and edits a few publications related to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. A long-time patron of the local arts, he was a theater critic at Northwestern University, from where he graduated in 2006 as an English major.

Concert Review: Olivia Newton-John at The Music Center at Strathmore

Olivia Newton-John

It’s hard to imagine how Olivia Newton-John’s voice and body could’ve held up any better. And for the sold-out show at the Strathmore, everyone seemed overjoyed to be transported back by that Australian lilt in her voice. With 100 million albums sold globally, Newton-John’s fanbase hasn’t waned since she emerged as a country music star […]

Theater Review: ‘Pygmalion’ at Washington Stage Guild

Steven Carpenter as Professor Henry Higgins and Rana Kay as Eliza Doolittle . Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

The beauty of a George Bernard Shaw play is in the dialogue, and in Pygmalion, no one has sharper lines than the phonetician Harry Higgins (Steven Carpenter), who from the beginning sets the stage with his punchy bravado and an almost annoying amount of self-confidence. Although some of the other actors don’t match Carpenter’s aura […]

Theater Review: Scena Theatre’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’ at the H Street Playhouse

“The Droogs”: Mitchell Grant, Chris Stinson, Chris Aldrich, and Armand Sindoni. Photo by Robert Bowen.

Like Anthony Burgess’ dystopian novel from which it was adapted, Scena’s musical rendition of A Clockwork Orange is ambitious. And like the Stanley Kubrick film, it relies on the prowess of Alex (Chris Stinson) to drive the evil ultraviolence, witty banter, and constant action. With his passionate charisma and dominance of the stage, Alex leads the show, offering a curious take on the nature of free […]

Theater Review: ‘The Color Purple’ by the Tantallon Community Players

Andrea Gerald as Celie, Shanice Jones as Sophia, and Kimaria Samuels as the young lady.  Photo courtesy of The Tantallon Community Players.

The worst part about the Tantallon Community Players’ The Color Purple is that readers won’t be able to actually see this production. But the best part is that readers will now have this Fort Washington, Md.-based troupe on their radar because the singing and dancing in this show was unlike anything that’s typical of community […]

Concert Review: Maureen McGovern at The Kennedy Center

Maureen McGovern

When in the presence of a superstar with a 40-year career as varied and celebrated as Maureen McGovern, it’s hard not wondering how she can still stand up in front of an audience at 63 and belt out so many rousing numbers at such a pace. Friday night at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater proved […]

Theatre Review: ‘El desdén con el desdén’ (In Spite of Love) at Gala Hispanic

Natalia Miranda-Guzmán and Ignacio García-Bustelo. Photo by Lonnie Tague.

In a refreshing romantic comedy, Gala Hispanic Theatre opens its 37th season and Hispanic Heritage Month with Agustín Moreto’s El desdén con el desdén (“In Spite of Love”). Set in 17th century Barcelona, Moreto’s most famous play from the Spanish Golden Age is rendered here with a pleasant mix of light-hearted comedy and quick banter. The story revolves around Princesa Diana (Natalia Miranda-Guzmán), a Barcelonan count’s daughter who […]