Cappies Review: ‘Hairspray’ at Thomas S. Wootton High School

"You Can't Stop the Beat" from Wootton's Hairspray featuring Edna (Jeffrey Morse), Amber (Jackie Kempa), Velma (Meghan Wright) and Motormouth Maybelle (Aaliyah Dixon).  Photo by Joe McCary.

Review submitted by Zoe Le Menestrel of McLean High School. Superficiality and ignorance abound in Baltimore, Maryland circa 1960, but lion-hearted Tracy Turblad, whose sense of social justice surpasses the height of her heavily lacquered hair, is prepared to turn the tide. Diving straight through the taunts about her large physique, she uses her prowess and […]

Cappies Review: ‘Macbeth’ at Northwood High School

Noah Wasco (Donalbain), Sam Gracia (Duncan), Simon Enagonio (Malcom), Muhammed Rafinelli (Lenox), Emily Tartaglia (Angus/Menteth/Old Man), and Blake Johnson (Rosse).  Photo by Stephanie Smestad.

Review submitted by Makiko Miyazaki of Walt Whitman High School. Yet here’s a spot. Out, damned spot!” Lady Macbeth’s shriek of agony pierces the audience in any production of the poignant play, Macbeth. The unsettling scene, in which she, driven mad by the countless murders she helped commit to push her husband to power, tries to […]

Cappies Review: ‘Oklahoma!’ at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Jordan Reilly as Aunt Eller, Billy Weber as Curly, Amelia Heesen as Laurey. Photo by Bruce Weber.

Review submitted by Yena Seo of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. A single fiddle’s melody can be heard in the distance as the lights come up on a quaint little town, and one can almost smell the churned butter and hear the rustling of corn stalks on the plain. In a charming production […]

Cappies Review: ‘The Pajama Game’ at Connelly School of the Holy Child

Hines and Mabel (John Anderson and Becca Rizkalla). Photo by Stone Photography.

Review submitted by Elena Schwam of Walt Whitman High School. Seven and a half cents doesn’t buy a heck of a lot, but a ticket to Connelly School of the Holy Child’s production of The Pajama Game is worth every penny for a production plucked out of the 1950s. The Pajama Game is based on Richard […]

Theatre Review: ‘Spring Awakening’ at University of Maryland

Photo courtesy of University of Maryland.

And once again, we witness the ever-tragic consequences that happen in a society of repressed sexuality.  Only this time, the controversial themes being brought to light on the contemporary stage have been more than a century within public reach.  Based on German Frank Wedekind’s radically precocious Frülings Erwachen, translating to Spring Awakening (written in 1891), […]

Cappies Review: ‘Figments’ at Albert Einstein High School

(Front) Lily Habenstreit as Loni, Marc Cioffi as Rick
(Rear) Adeline McCaul as Loni 2, Carlos Castillo as Rick 2.  Photo by  Joe McCary.

Review submitted by Lillian Constance of George Mason High School. Writers Block. The worst fate a writer can face or at least the second worst after overbearing mothers. This past weekend, Albert Einstein High School showed us just how entertaining a writer’s imagination can be in their production of Figments, by Billy St. John. Figments […]

Theatre Review: ‘Speech and Debate’ by Montgomery College Communications and Performing Arts Department

Ren Paige as Soloman & Deavon Taylor as Howie. Photo by Perry T. Schwartz.

Most teenagers don’t know it, but absolutely everything and nothing changes when you become an adult. Sure, one’s responsibilities increase tenfold, but adults are often no less insecure and uncertain than when they were underage. Most teenagers don’t know this; however, the kids at North Salem High School not only acutely recognize the shortcomings in themselves, but […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ at American University

Jesse D. Saywell as Brad and Julie Nolan as Janet.  Photo credit to American University.

Some musicals regardless of how they originally fared on Broadway just refuse to go away. Richard O’Brien’s love letter to B horror movies (or C and even D horror movies) is called The Rocky Horror Show and it is a prime example of not needing reviews to become successful. It only ran originally for 45 performances and […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Matchmaker’ at University of Maryland’s Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Chloe Adler as Ermengarde and Riley Bartlebaugh Dolly Levi. Photo by Stan Barouh.

Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker originally started life as a Broadway play in 1955 with veteran actress Ruth Gordon and later was made into a successful film starring another veteran from the stage Shirley Booth. It is the story of a widow who is determined that her life can continue by marrying a rich businessman from Yonkers NY. If this sounds […]

Theatre Review: ‘Lucky Stiff’ at Montgomery College


It always is a pleasure to see fresh talent tackling a show that they might not be familiar with. Montgomery College in Rockville is doing just that by presenting an early musical by the writing team that went on to write Ragtime, Seussical and songs for the movie Anastasia, Lynn Ahrens (Book and Lyrics) and […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Wiz’ at Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre

Dorothy (Awa Sal Secka), Kenneth L. Washington, Jr. (Lion), Ian A. Coleman (Tinman) and Kyle Louviere (Scarecrow). Photo courtesy of Monrgomery College College.

Long before there was Harry Potter, children were reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  The classic book by L. Frank Baum has been adapted into several movies and plays, including The Wiz, now playing at Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre. The Wiz pre-Broadway tryout was in Baltimore, opening on October 21, 1974 at the Morris A. Mechanic Theatre.  The show […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Pajama Game’ at Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre

Drew Stairs as Sid and Helena Farhi as Babe.  Photo courtesy of Montgomery College.

Some college students this summer are taking “Multivariable Calculus,” “Organic Chemistry,” or even a course called (I kid you not) “How to Watch Movies.”  Luckily for these talented college students (and the appreciative audience), they chose to be a part of Montgomery College’s Summer Dinner Theatre program.  Now in its 36th season, they are currently performing […]

Cappies Review: ‘Ragtime’ at Thomas S. Wootton High School

Coalhouse Walker Jr (Elgin Martin) is convinced that he and Sarah (Shenayra Quiles) will be able to make a better life for their son with their “Wheels on a Dream.” Photo by Erica Land.

Review submitted by Amanda Gamage of Albert Einstein High School. With lively Scott Joplin-esque music filling the air, mysterious illusionists breaking out of impossible traps, and Latvian immigrants, you will think you have stepped through a time machine and entered early 20th century America. But you haven’t – you’ve only stepped into Thomas S. Wootton High […]

Theatre Review: ‘Legally Blonde: The Musical’ by Barbara Ingram School for the Arts at Maryland Theatre

Leah Harrell plays "Elle" and Latte plays "Bruiser."
Photo by Colleen McGrath / Colleen McGrath.

Barbara Ingram School for the Arts production of Legally Blonde: The Musical tracks Elle Woods, a sorority girl-turned-law-student, in a sweet story of self-discovery, ambition, and the power of pink.  Dumped by her boyfriend, Warner, Elle decides to follow him to Harvard to prove that she can be serious.  She overcomes the snobbery of her classmates, […]