Theatre Review: ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ at The Folger Theatre

Lucetta (Emily Young) tending to her mistress (Julia, played by Jessie Austrian) in The Two Gentlemen of Verona. On stage at Folger Theatre April 17 – May 25, 2014. Photo by Teresa Wood.

As William Shakespeare hits his 450th birthday this week, what better way to celebrate it than at the Folger Theatre, the classiest showcase for the Bard in town and possibly the nation. On stage during the celebration is a sparkling production of his first play, The Two Gentlemen of Verona in the D.C. debut of […]

Theatre Review #2: ‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Photo by Joe Williams.

The Lieutenant of Inishmore is a biting, dark comedy that makes quite a splash – most of it crimson. It is a theater event that needs to be fully experienced with all senses ablaze rather than merely describing it here. The production is indeed that visceral; a shockingly violent show that masterfully weaves in themes […]

Theatre Review: ‘Henry IV Parts I & II’ at the Shakespeare Theatre Company

Stacy Keach as Falstaff and Maggie Kettering as Doll Tearsheet in the Shakespeare Theatre Company production of Henry IV, Part 2. Photo by Scott Suchman.

The Wars of the Roses were a time of extreme turmoil in Britain. In 1399, Henry of Bolingbroke, grandson of Edward III, deposed his cousin Richard II and took the throne for himself as Henry IV, displacing Richard’s heir Mortimer and upsetting quite a few loyal aristocrats. During Henry IV’s reign, his place as king […]

Theatre Review: ‘Golda’s Balcony’ at Theater J

Tovah Feldshuh as Golda Meir in Golda's Balcony. Photo by Aaron Epstein.

An earnest prayer for Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, beautifully sung. Then sudden darkness. Bombs. Guns. More darkness. Lights up on an old woman, Golda Meir, the former Prime Minister of Israel now in retirement, shuffling in a drab blue bathrobe and reaching—not for the last time—for her cigarettes. This is how the […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Photo by Joe Williams.

The Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore is a very edgy and lively rendition of the comedy noir by playwright Martin McDonagh. First premiering at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2001, the play’s dark overtones serve as a backdrop for its pitch-black, absurdist humor. The production is directed by Tad Janes, who has a […]

Theatre Review: ‘Moth’ at Studio Theatre 2nd Stage

David Nate Goldman and Allie Villarreal in Moth at Studio 2ndStage. Photo by Igor Dmitry.

One of the realizations from the brash, surreal play Moth, by Melbourne’s Declan Greene, is that teenagers are pretty much the same in Australia as they are in America – for better or worse. At the edges of the public school cafeteria are kids like Sebastian and Claryssa – relentlessly taunted by others, ignored by parents, disdainful of […]

Theatre Review: ‘Sleeping Beauty: A Puppet Ballet’ by Pointless Theatre at Flashpoint Mead Theatre Lab

Sleeping Beauty: A Puppet Ballet. Photo by Gene Carl Feldman.

Pointless Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty: A Puppet Ballet is an elusive, glistening, and highly original treasure that theater lovers must not miss before it vanishes after its final performance on May 3. The production unfolds like a endearing dream and features eight accomplished, fanciful performers – ­Lee Gerstenhaber, Madeline Key, Devin Mahoney, Robert Christopher Manzo, Rachel […]

Theatre Review: ‘Once On This Island’ at Olney Theatre Center

Aisha Jackson as Ti Moune (foreground), Theresa Cunningham as Asaka (Mother of the Earth), Nicholas Ward as Agwe (God of Water), Fahnlohnee Harris-Tate as Erzulie (Goddess of Love), and James T. Lane as Papa Ge (Demon of Death). Photo by Stan Barouh.

A booming storm yet again rocks this vulnerable Caribbean island, which happens to be Haiti, “The Jewel of the Antilles.”  And in a matter of 90 minutes—the length of a typical wind-swept, drenching and damaging tempest —theatre patrons attending the musical Once On This Island playing at the Olney Theatre Center will be told how […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Thousandth Night’ at Metro Stage

Marcus Kyd as Guy de Bonheur. Photo by Chris Banks.

Many plays and movies deal with one of the most horrific events in modern history –  the Holocaust and anyone that’s seen the movie Schindler’s List or C.P. Taylor’s play Good knows how terrifying and senseless it was. Carol Wolf’s play The Thousandth Night currently playing at MetroStage, is a chance for a solo performer […]

Theatre Review: ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ at Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre

Jordan B. Stocksdale as Don Lockwood, Jaimie Lea Kiska as Kathy Selden, Joseph Waeyaert as Cosmo Brown, and cast members from SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. Photo provided by Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre.

Singin’ in the Rain, on stage at Way Off Broadway Theatre sings, dances, and acts its way through the waning days of Hollywoodland’s silent screen era circa 1920.  From the opening glitz and glamour scene to the final “Singin’ in the Rain” reprise, this magnificent cast takes the audience back in time. As the story […]

Theatre Review: ‘Arguendo’ by Elevator Repair Service at Woolly Mammoth

Mike Iveson and Vin Knight. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Anyone who has studied law knows about the dreaded Moot Court—an exercise in public humiliation where young law students try to argue fictional cases while they are constantly interrupted by judges who make them look foolish and tongue-tied. Having sat through a couple of these trials I have to say, they look at lot like […]

Theatre Review: ‘Two Trains Running’ at Round House Theatre, Bethesda, MD

Sterling (Ricardo Frederick Evans) and Wolf (KenYatta Rogers) in Round House Theatre’s current production of TWO TRAINS RUNNING.
Photo by Danisha Crosby.

It is pleasure enough to return to the plays of August Wilson, with their breezy informality and their uncanny ability to find the poetry and depth that lurks under the surface of everyday life.  But when you find a cast that is truly in sync, as with Roundhouse’s new production of Two Trains Running, you […]

Theatre Review: ‘Richard III’ at Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

Chris Cotterman as Richard III. Photo provided by The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory.

The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory kicks off its 2014 season of “Malice and Misadventure” with the production of one of the most deliciously fun villains in Shakespeare’s canon of historical dramas. Tom Delise directs this Richard III with 15 actors portraying an astounding 50 roles. Richard III is the bloody tale of the crippled, hump-backed member […]

Theatre Review: Hal Holbrook in ‘Mark Twain Tonight!’

Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain.

Scratch one off the bucket list for this reviewer. I have been fortunate to see and work on a number of solo shows in my career and have now seen live onstage the one piece that is the pre-cursor to all the others. It featured an award-winning actor as one of America’s preeminent humorists and […]