Theatre Review: ‘Bring It On The Musical’ at the Music Center at Strathmore

The cast of 'Bring It On The Musical.' Photo by Clint Tuccio.

The current tour of the high energy production Bring It On The Musical roared into the Music Center at Strathmore this past weekend and turned, what is usually a hall known for concerts, into a Broadway theatre. With its driving score and snazzy cheerleading production numbers, the show proves that sometimes it’s ok to go to […]

Theatre Review: ‘Hamlet’ at Annapolis Shakespeare Company

Nafeesa Monroe* (Gertrude) and Manu Kumasi (Hamlet) in Annapolis Shakespeare Company’s 2014 production of HAMLET directed by Sally Boyett.  Photo by Joshua McKerrow.  * Appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association.

Annapolis Shakespeare Company opens its new season with William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and director Sally Boyett chooses to modernize their production by adding guns, credit cards and 21st Century business attire. Manu Kumasi plays Hamlet, and he plays the doomed prince of Demark with all the emotional range and angst needed to portray a young man […]

Theatre Review: ‘The Admission’ at Theater J

L to R: Pomme Koch, Hanna Eady, Leila Buck, Danny Gavigan Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

In 1987, the First Intifada broke out and plunged Israeli cities and Palestinian villages into utter chaos. Every neighbor was suddenly a potential enemy, and many feared for their lives and those of their loved ones. It is during these troubled times that, in Motti Lerner’s The Admission, Avigdor (Michael Tolaydo) begins construction on a […]

Show Review: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus presents ‘Built to Amaze’ at Baltimore Arena

Andre McClain, Ringmaster. Photo by JC Photos.

Nothing makes you feel more like a kid again than a trip to the circus. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey presents, Built to Amaze an amazing circus show that captures the excitement and fun of tightrope acrobatic stunts and stunning exotic animals performing rare tricks. Built to Amaze is a magical experience for every […]

Theatre Review: ‘Morning, Miranda’ by Doorway Arts Ensemble at The Writer’s Center

K. Clare Johnson and Sarah Holt. Photo courtesy of Doorway Arts Ensemble.

Ever wondered what it would be like to talk to your parents after they’re dead?  Or worse, have them continue to nag and question you and your life choices excessively from the other side? Add some drag queens, a collectively confused circus troupe, and a stack of postcards from your heretofore-unheard-of father, and you’ve got […]

Theatre Review: ‘Tender Napalm’ at Signature Theatre

Laura C. Harris and Elan Zafir. Photo by Teresa Wood.

Lust.  War.  Sadism.  Love.  And Unicorns. What do you get when you gently push a hand grenade, with the pin yet pulled, into a…vulnerable body part? Some might call that a modern love story. What do you get when you disconnect your lover’s family jewels and flush them down the toilet? Others might call that a […]

Theatre Review: ‘Loveland’ part of The Kogod Cradle Series at Arena Stage

Ann Randolph in 'Loveland.' Photo by Teresa

Performers create solo shows for any number of reasons. The ones that resonate the most with me are when they are based on the performer’s life and are presented honestly. In the case of Ann Randolph’s Loveland, currently playing at Arena Stage’s Kogod Cradle, the premise is a good and often touching one but then […]

Theatre Review: ‘Hair’ at Keegan Theatre

Inez Nassara  and cast. Photo by C Stanley Photography.

When Hair first came to Washington in 1971, a dead downtown burst into life.  The anti-war counterculture was at its height, hungering for recognition by mainstream America, hankering to become mainstream America.  Hair’s integrated cast, its rock/blues/African rhythms, its drug-laced, sex-laced, profanity-laced lyrics, and of course its flash of flesh and dissonant imagery were what so many DC […]

Theatre Review: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at Compass Rose Theater

Eli Pendry as Romeo and Sydney Maloney as Juliet. Photo provided by Compass Rose Theater.

“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.” ‘Tis Romeo’s declaration in the infamous balcony scene from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, currently in production at Compass Rose Theater in Annapolis, MD. Eli Pendry plays Romeo and Sydney Maloney plays his beloved Juliet. What is so […]

Theatre Review: ‘Beautiful Boy’ at Walnut Street Theatre’s Independence Studio on 3 in Philadelphia PA

Phillip Brown and Jeffrey Coon.  Photo by Mark Garvin.

Beautiful Boy, written by Eric Conger, recently completed its world premiere engagement at Philadelphia’s Walnut Street Theatre’s black box space, which is appropriately named Independence Studio on 3. This play, while not perfect, gives a brutal assessment of how messed up the adoption system is in the US and how it makes it almost impossible for […]

Theatre Review: ‘Hamlet …The Rest is Silence’ at Synetic Theater

Irina Kavsadze as Ophelia with Ensemble. Photo by Koko Lanham.

It’s hard to forget the sensation Synetic Theater created when they first premiered their wordless Shakespeare cycle 12 years ago.  Hamlet … The Rest is Silence stands as their signature production and a bold artistic statement; for the Washington theatre scene, it’s what Chekhov’s Seagull was for the Moscow Art Theatre.  Back then it featured […]

Theatre Review: ‘Twelfth Night’ at Center Stage

Brian Reddy as Sir Toby Belch and Richard Hollis as Sir Andrew.  Photo by Richard Anderson.

Center Stage’s production of Twelfth Night, directed by Gavin Witt, celebrates one of Shakespeare’s best comedies by focusing on the humor that drips from the text.  And Centerstage’s Night wrings out every drop, even with a story that is constructed from the pain of loss, and loving someone just out of reach. Twelfth Night is […]

Theatre Review: ‘Water by the Spoonful’ at Studio Theatre

Vincent J. Brown (Chutes&Ladders) and Amy Kim Waschke (Orangutan). Photo by Teddy Wolff.

The “spoonful” symbolizes both the innocence of childhood and the sinister swirl of drug addictions. Think Mary Poppins’ merry “Spoonful of Sugar,” or Willie Dixon’s bleak blues, “Spoonful.” No wonder the play won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 2012. In Quiara Alegeía Hudes’ Water by the Spoonful,  currently at the Studio Theatre, the title […]

Theatre Review: ‘Moses’ at Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster County, PA.

Photos courtesy of Sight and Sound Theatre

The Bible has been coming to life on the stage at Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster County, PA, for almost 38 years. The company never ceases to amaze me in the way they present theatrical spectacle while never forgetting the real reason why they are presenting their stories. Even with all of the bells […]